This Usage Agreement is between you and RITKIT PTE. LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "RITKIT" or "Us"), and RITKIT may be amended as necessary without prior notice. The revised terms and conditions will effectively replace the original Usage agreement once posted on the website.


If you use a RITKIT site, you must agree to this usage agreement.


1. Intellectual property rights


RITKIT intellectual property, including (but not limited to) software, source code, text, content, video, music, sound, graphics, photographs, diagrams, art designs, pictures, names, logos, trademarks and/or service marks (both registered and unregistered), And other materials (hereinafter referred to as intellectual property content) are protected by copyright law, trademark law and all intellectual property conventions.


The copyright of any content uploaded through a RITKIT-registered account is owned by the uploader, who assumes the copyright responsibility for all uploaded content. We have the right to display content on the site that uploaders upload to the public areas of RITKIT sites.


2. User data privacy


For RITKIT WEB users, your project is private, that is, unless the user himself disseminates the data (by sharing, reviewing, etc.), RITKIT promises to keep the user data private and not to disseminate the user data in any way.


See Clause 4 for Force majeure and exemption from liability.


3. Personal information of users


We respect the privacy of any individual visiting a RITKIT site.


When you visit a website, you may be asked to provide basic personal information (such as name, email, phone number, etc.), which you can choose to provide or not.


As for the personal information you provide, we will keep it confidential and strictly keep it in accordance with relevant national laws, and will not provide or show such information to any third party in any way, except for the following circumstances (i.e., exempt from liability) :


(A) When a judicial or administrative authority requires us to disclose personal data in accordance with legal procedures and statutory powers, we will provide the relevant data in accordance with the law;


(B) Disclosure, loss, theft or tampering of personal data caused by any force majeure event affecting the normal operation of the website, such as hacker attack, computer virus invasion or outbreak, or temporary shutdown caused by government control;


(C) Disclosure, loss, theft or alteration of any personal information caused by the user informing others of his/her personal password or sharing his/her registered account with others;


(D) Disclosure, loss, theft or tampering of personal data from any other website linked to a RITKITer website.


4. Force Majeure and exemption


You understand and agree that in the process of using the Service, force majeure and other risk factors may occur, which may interrupt the Service. Force majeure refers to unforeseeable, insurmountable and unavoidable objective events that have a significant impact on one or both parties, including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, epidemics and storms, as well as social events such as wars, disturbances and government actions. In case of the above situation, we will try our best to cooperate with the relevant units in the first time and repair it in time. However, we are exempt from liability for the loss caused to you to the extent permitted by law.


To the extent permitted by law, we are not liable for service interruption or disruption caused by:


(A) Be damaged by computer viruses, trojans or other malicious programs or hacker attacks;

(B) failure of the user or of our computer software, systems, hardware and communication lines;

(C) Improper operation by the user;

(D) Users use the Service in a way not authorized by us;

(E) Other circumstances beyond our control or reasonably foreseeable.

You understand and agree that this Service is not designed for some specific purposes, including but not limited to nuclear facilities, military use, medical facilities, transportation and communications and other important areas. If the failure of the above operation is caused by the software or service, we shall not assume legal responsibility for the casualties, property losses and environmental damage.


5. Effective and terminated


By using our Services, you shall be deemed to have read and be bound by this Agreement. We reserve the right to amend the terms of this Agreement if necessary. You may refer to the latest version of the Terms of this Agreement on the relevant service page. If you continue to use the software or services provided by us after the terms of this Agreement are changed, you will be deemed to have accepted the amended Agreement. If you do not accept the revised agreement, you should stop using our software or services. We may make changes to the content of the service, or we may interrupt, discontinue or terminate the service.


We have the right to interrupt or terminate the services provided to you without notice if any of the following circumstances occur:


(A) You are required by law to provide true information, but the personal data you provide is untrue or inconsistent with the information you provided at the time of registration and you fail to provide reasonable proof;

(B) You violate relevant laws and regulations or provisions of this Agreement;

(C) as required by law or by the competent authorities;

(D) For security reasons or other necessary circumstances.


If you use the paid services provided by us and you do not pay in full and on time, we have the right to discontinue or terminate the relevant services.


6. Applicable law and jurisdiction


The interpretation and application of this Agreement shall be governed by national laws. All disputes arising from the use of the RITKIT shall be under the jurisdiction of the people's court where the RITKIT is located. If any part of these Terms of Use is deemed invalid by the relevant authority, this invalid part shall not affect the validity of the other parts of these Terms of Use, and the other parts shall remain valid.


7. Others


If you have any comments or suggestions about this Agreement or this Service, please contact our Customer Service department at SUPPORT@RITKIT.COM.CN and we will help you if necessary.

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