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We hope that more music enthusiasts will become our partners to create more beauty together, whenever and wherever they are. This may be a new starting point if you have similar ideas or are planning to start a business.

Let's inspire the world together

You may be a musician, a music teacher, or the manager of a music institution. Our remarkable team and refined management model will help you take on a new identity. By becoming a RITKIT Ambassador, you can live up to your largest potential.


Zero investment and easy operation.

Zero investment and easy operation. No stocking, drop shipping, zero investment, and zero risk.

Double income, resources available, high profit.

Double income, resources available, high profit. If you have access to music users around you, you don't need to have a store in order to become our partner; but if you are a business owner with a store, you will have double the benefits.

Exclusive, sustained revenue.

Exclusive, sustained revenue. The relationship is permanently binded when you share the product with a customer who later places an order, and you will receive sustained revenue whenever the customer places an order again.

Excellent system management.

Excellent system management. A sophisticated marketing process and an intelligent customer management system allow you to see your revenue at a glance.

Regular discount offers.

Regular discount offers. Monthly exclusive product discounts/coupons are available for RITKIT Ambassadors and can be transferred to others for use.

Widespread marketing and promotion.

Widespread marketing and promotion. The brand will continue to promote the products online to enhance visibility and the success rate of recommendations.

One-click sharing of content.

One-click sharing of content. The brand will continuously output images, videos, and other content that can be shared with one click so that you don't have the pressure of running a business.

Professional after-sales services.

Professional after-sales services. With speedy delivery and excellent after-sales services, you are only responsible for sharing content. We handle the after-sales service.

Let's inspire the world together

Let's inspire the world together

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